About Us

C Foundation

C Foundation, the first self-supporting non-profit foundation (philanthropic organization) in the design community of China, was founded in 2014 by ten designers from the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with the purpose of facilitating design education in China and enabling design to create greater value for the society. 


In a casual talk, the designers all spontaneously talked about design education and inheritance, expressing the hope of creating a foundation focused on design education and inheritance to provide young people with great opportunities for study and exchanges, special scholarships and grants offered to design-related academic programs, and non-profit design services to organizations or individuals that need them. They hope to do what is within their capacity to help cultivate talents for China’s design industry and give back to the industry and the society at large. 


We live in a beautiful era and a creative era! On each and every day, we savor how creative ideas make us feel, welcoming designers in creative industries to bring out the best in themselves.

As we grow up, we all benefit hugely from the progress of our times and in our society, guidance of teachers and seniors and encouragement of colleagues. Now we hope to contribute our share and give back to the society and to the design industry in particular. To that end, we hope to establish C Foundation, a vehicle that will pool together all our sincere efforts for the greater good of our industry.

The shared gratitude towards the world we live in brings together designers of different generations and with differences in background, field and principles to jointly establish C Foundation and serve as its earliest members and volunteers.

We hope that C Foundation can be a little spark that subsequently kindles the spirit of devotion and spreads it wider and wider and that the spirit can be passed on to generation after generation for the good of the design industry that we all love. Thus, we invite all our friends to join us and contribute to the development of creative industries on a non-profit platform as friendly and equal partners proceeding in unison. 

C Foundation will spot creativity, support entrepreneurship, encourage creation, inspire invention and promote innovation. 

It will carry on the past and forge ahead into the future.

Design for the greater good and jointly shape our future.

Everyone can be a designer.

Funding design education and advancing academic research;

Helping design talents and encouraging innovation and improvement;

Supporting industry exchanges and preserving Chinese culture.