Volunteer Recruitment
Volunteer Recruitment

If you love creative industries and are good at design, planning, photography or execution etc.,

and if you are willing to devote some of your spare time to non-profit undertakings, please join us and become a volunteer of C Foundation.

You will have the opportunity to volunteer for design activities of C Foundation, making your contribution to public-welfare design.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in China Design Forum and witness the grand event in the philanthropy community.

There are many things that you can propose and do together with C Foundation.

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Design Education Development Project
C Foundation calls up and funds researches and explorations centering around design education as well as innovative non-profit projects to boost the development of the design industry in China.

C Camp
Design for good together!

Exchanges on design for charity
Dialogues and exchanges between the design and philanthropy community explore the endless possibilities arising from design and philanthropy joining hands.

Design-related volunteering activities
The devotion and contribution of volunteers are indispensable to each and every of our programs and activities.